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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Baseball to be official sport in NY State?

From the NY POST

This makes sense with Cooperstown HOF being in NY, but do you really need a Bill to make this official. Aren't there much more pressing matters in NY State that need to have Bills that need to be addressed. If we were living in a State of Utopia, it would be wonderful but we aren't.

State Sen. James Seward, who represents upstate Cooperstown, where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located, is sponsoring a bill to honor the state’s longtime association with baseball.
New York has recognized other “official” things in the past: Garnet is the official gemstone, sea scorpion is the official fossil, bay scallop the official shell, lilac the official bush, striped bass the official saltwater fish, and snapping turtle the official reptile.
New York’s local teams help make a strong case for the bill.
The Yankees in the Bronx are one of the sport’s most storied franchises with 27 championships. 
The Mets in Queens are, well, Amazin.’
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