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Monday, May 2, 2016

Waiting for an At Bat to Finish

You guys who follow me on Twitter know that I post this at least once a game. People coming down to the seats while an at bat is going on, making the people seated in the row get up and possibly miss what's going on in the field. My favorite is when they stop in front of you when the play is happening. It takes all my resolve not to yell at these folks. (I'm getting kinder in my old age). There is no consideration anymore for your fellow fans and it's all about "me", just like in society.

One of the Mets fan experience heads reached out to me via DM. He and I have talked in the past about this and he told me he was going to have a talk during roll call with the staff formerly called ushers about the policies of letting people down during an at bat vs. in between at bats. He also told me they have a policy that up until the third inning the "ushers" don't stop anyone during an at bat because of a push back from folks complaining that they can't get to their seats when they arrive late. My response to that was- "So all the people who get to the game on time and are in their seats are the ones penalized because of the late comers?" How is that right? You are late you wait. Simple as that.

I also have never ever seen one "usher" stop one person during an at bat trying to walk down to their seats after the third ever.

Now I have a good relationship with the person who DM'd me and he wants me to sit down with them on the next weekend home stand so we can discuss what I have seen in other ballparks and how they handle some of the issues that I raised on Twitter.

I also raised that the Mets need signage for the early entry for 1/2 season and full season ticket holders. There were almost fist fights over people trying to get in on Saturday for the gnomes.

Hopefully I do have that meeting with them and stuff can work out better for a better experience at the ball park.

Thanks to the Mets for reaching out to me about these issues.

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Scott said...

Yeah I was there for early entry too on Saturday - what a mess. Luckily I was able to figure out where to line up, but the line management was terrible. They had 1 guy checking bags, and there were a lot of non early-entry people blocking the line up. I was probably 20th or so in the line and it took more than 10 minutes to get in. They seemed so unprepared. I guess it is unusual for such large crowds 30 minutes before normal gate opening time.