Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Have $2500?

Great New York Mets MAN CAVE item NOTE delivery instructions! WE WILL ONLY DELIVER TO NY, NJ, PA and CT. Or you can pick it up for free! (See shipping section for additional delivery info) Up for bid is a section of the New York Mets dugout from Shea Stadium! Yes the dugout! The ultimate Mets fan item! The set is 8 1/2' wide by 6' tall. The stadium had over 50,000 seats that were sold. BUT THIS IS WHERE THE PLAYERS SAT EACH GAME!This collection was restored after the stadium was torn down in 2008-2009. The dugout was made up of aprox 8 foot sections next to each other. The details of this set are: 1) The "New Era" wall. This was THE BACK WALL, plywood wood panel pulled off the 2x4 wall frame nailed on! It has the New Era advertisement across it 2) One section (with four bat tubes) of the bat rack. Originally had four rows. Great item to store all of ones game used Mets bats! 3) Section of the "Models" protective netting fence set up in front of the dugout to stop line drive balls. Players use to lean over it during the games. 4) The original "blue" 2x4 wood under the seat cushion. Some of the blue paint has worn off parts and you can see the original 1964 Shea gray color paint! 5) The black seat cushions, back and bottom. The back, like the "New Era" wall, were nailed to the back wall. The bottom pad sat on a steel I-beam. THIS I-BEAM WAS NOT SAVED DURING THE DEMO (would have been 1,000 pounds). We added some extra wood under it for support and provided two "stands" for it to rest on, about 18" off the floor. We also added two iron brackets on the left & right to keep the pads together.This collection, together, was NOT offered for sell when the stadium came down and the memorabilia was sold off. We saw the opportunity to gather it all and put them together to create this unbelievable unique set!

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