Thursday, May 19, 2016

David Wright's Back Issues

David Wright's back is giving him some serious discomfort right now and it isn't good.

Forget about the baseball side of it. I am worried about the personal side of it. Wright is still in the prime of his life. He needs to worry about how he feels the rest of his life when he isn't playing baseball anymore. A few people have told me that they have spinal stenosis and they can barely function on a daily level without playing a rigorous sport. Standing on his feet for 2-4 hrs for a game just compresses your spine, the torque from swinging a bat puts real wear and tear on the spine and muscles and let's not forget throwing and diving while making plays.

I am amazed that Wright can do what he does with how bad I have heard his back really is. For whoever has called him soft in the past this has to prove that he isn't. Guy is playing through discomfort/pain every day.

I just hope his overall quality of life for him long term is not affected. That's right, his baseball career future doesn't matter to me. His overall health does...

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