Sunday, May 22, 2016

Special DC The7Line Outing

EMERGENCY OUTING TO NATIONALS PARK TO SUPPORT MATT HARVEY! TICKETS WILL BE AVAILABLE TODAY AT 10AM. PLEASE READ ALL THE DETAILS BELOW We're about to pull off an extremely last minute outing to Nationals Park and we hope you can join us. Let's show Matt we have his back through this tough time. Our boy has hit a rough patch and the boos he received coming off the mound the other night really got to us. Matt deserves better than that, so we decided to venture down to DC to show our support. HOW WILL THIS WORK? You buy a ticket and they'll be left at the Nationals Park WILL CALL WINDOW. The person buying the tickets MUST be the one claiming the tickets. You MUST bring ID to the WILL CALL WINDOW. You can not buy tickets for someone else (a friend, a husband, a daughter)... the purchaser MUST be the one claiming the tickets. HOW CAN WE HELP MAKE THE LINE MOVE FASTER? If you're coming with friends PLEASE BUY THE TICKETS IN ONE TRANSACTION. The Tickets will be left at the Nationals Park WILL CALL WINDOW, and we're trying to avoid an extremely long line. The more you can purchase in one transaction will help move the line quicker. ONLY THE PURCHASER CAN PICK UP THE TICKETS. MUST HAVE MATCHING ID FROM THE TRANSACTION. HOW MUCH ARE THE TICKETS? WHERE ARE THE SEATS? Ticket face is $30 but we gotta charge $35 to cover our fees. The seats are in sections 138-143 and will be distributed on a first come first serve basis. Sections are highlighted in the photo. We have 500 tickets available. HOW WILL WE GET THERE? You can drive yourself or join us on a round trip bus ride from Citi Field for an additional charge of $75. The parking at Citi Field will be FREE in the Southfield Lot AKA MTA Lot on Roosevelt Avenue. Same lot we tailgate in before games. WHERE CAN WE PURCHASE THE BUS TICKETS? PURCHASE HERE.... but you should wait until you secure game tickets first. WHAT DO WE WEAR? Since this is so last minute we will not be providing a t-shirt. Choose your favorite ROYAL BLUE METS APPAREL. Nats fans rock RED and orange is too similar. WHAT TIME WILL THE BUS LEAVE FROM CITI FIELD? 10AM SHARP. We can not wait for you, so keep traffic in mind and give yourself enough time to get there. WHAT TIME WILL WE HEAD HOME FROM NATIONALS PARK? 30 minutes after the final out, so don't get lost. WHAT CAN WE BRING ON THE BUS? Food and drinks are ok. Cans or plastic bottles only. NO GLASS. Change of clothes for the ride home if you'd like. The bus will be locked up and you CAN leave bags behind at your own risk. WHERE WILL WE MEET UP TO PICK UP THE TICKETS? After we arrive on the buses, we'll all walk over to scoop up our tickets. If you are driving, head over to the WILL CALL WINDOW upon your arrival. SHOULD WE MAKE SIGNS TO SHOW OUR SUPPORT? ABSOLUTELY! Get behind the dude... every little bit helps. I'D LOVE TO GO.... BUT I HAVE WORK! Sounds like you're coming down with something... SICK DAY! WHERE'S THE PREGAME PARTY?!?! After picking up our tickets we'll head to the Fairgrounds. It's an outdoor bar just behind the center field entrance. SEE YOU THERE! CLICK HERE TO GO GET TICKETS

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