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Friday, May 20, 2016

Matt Harvey and Booing Him

I don't get you folks who boo players from your team. Sure we jab and poke fun at times at Harvey for wanting the media attention and we were pissed about the way he and his agent dealt with the inning limits in the press last year but booing him? Come on.

I just get so annoyed hearing boos rain down on players that have been with the team and bust their ass playing. Sure, Harvey loves the limelight and wants to be a celeb so badly, but he's not phoning in his starts. You can tell he's pissed at himself and at his performance and is taking it out on himself pretty hard.

Harvey is struggling, and if you notice,you haven't heard about him running all over town like he has in seasons past. I have a girl who sits behind me at the 7line events and started booing a player. She's like if you do your job bad you should get booed. I asked her for her address for her job so I can go there and boo here because I know she would hate it if I booed her there.
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