Monday, May 16, 2016

MLB: State of Umpiring

What is going on with the umpiring in the MLB this year? It seems to me that the rulebook doesn't matter and some of these Umps interpret the rules however they want. Some of the calls this weekend for the Mets were just mind-blowing. I get that you can miss a call but when a call is totally wrong and the crew don't even confer to get the call right, it's just wrong.

And it's not just Mets games this is happening. It seems to be happening league wide and its making a mockery out of the game. Major League Baseball needs to hold these umps responsible and start using a warning/suspension system for more then two infractions within an allotted time frame. It's time to hold the Umpires responsible for their mistakes that make the game a joke. You want replay in the game for situations to get the play "right", you should also make sure the Umps confer on a controversial call that can not be reviewed for the same reason.

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