Saturday, May 21, 2016

Mets Cake Topper

Future Mrs. Goon is going to hate this... Wedding Cake Topper This topper says it all for itself! Haha, this is great for the Baseball loving men and the concerned women that just can't keep them away from their games! This topper is very dynamic in the way that it has a hint of what the male is looking for with the game, the females more elegant side. It is humorous and it is something that can suit both the bride and the groom. It stands 7" inches tall and 4" inches wide at base, the perfect size for most wedding cakes. And just think you can also leave this sitting out in your home as a memorabilia item. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask. I will get back with you on the same business day. Thank you for looking and....... This topper comes with 1- Bride and 'NEW YORK loving' Groom HAIR- BRIDE BLOND AND GROOM BROWN (can change to any color) 1- Wide Screen TV 1-BAT (May Differ) 1- Baseball 2- Cans Soda or beer (Any Brand) 1- Glove 1- Base ball Helmet (may differ from pic) 1- Remote

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marissa said...

how and where the hell do i buy one of these? - please contact me asap at