Saturday, February 16, 2019

New Mr Met Figure coming out

Looks like REACTION is getting into the MLB licenses. WWE superstar gave me a heads up about this before he instagrammed it. I didn’t want to post before he did. Anyway look how cool that Me Met is. Back in the day when I was a kid that would have worked out nicely with my Star Wars figures. Btw if you are a WWE fan and a wrestling figure collector check out the Major Wrestling Figure podcast Hosted by Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins. Click here

I really like the videos that @Mets are putting out these days.

This kind of stuff is starting to get me real excited for my trip down to PSL next Saturday.

Tebow and Alonso taking BP video? Sure I'll watch.

Yes, I know I am using Wally Gator for this Callaway post.

Wally Gator is from Hanna Barbara

From the NY POST-

Callaway said there is a “12-foot” alligator that frequents the backyard of the house he is renting during spring training. But that’s hardly the manager’s biggest issue with his digs: He returned home Thursday to find a geyser in the yard because a water pump broke, draining his entire swimming pool.
Maybe the Gator caused the Geyser to shift the water from the pool to another position... Maybe we call this operation McNeil?

Jeff McNeil has appeared steady in early drills, according to Callaway, as he prepares for life in left field.
“He’s got some great instincts out there,” Callaway said. “He is going to do a very good job out there and he’s got a lot of confidence.”
McNeil played the outfield extensively during his college career, but was limited to eight games there during his time in the minor leagues. The expectation is McNeil will start in left field against most right-handed pitchers. 
Read more here.

Does this Mr Met Cap make fun of the Irish?

My cousin @Metspolice had been a staunch opponent of the Mr. O'Met caps in the past. He and my partner in the QBC Dan Twohig both think this cap depicts a character on the same level as Chief Wahoo. I personally think that the leprechaun is a mythical creature and this would be on the same level if someone turned put an elf or a fairy on a cap.  You can read @Metspolice thoughts here.

I came up with a poll on twitter to see who other's think.

Here are some responses.


Friday, February 15, 2019

Mets Loss is a Nets gain

During my time getting to know some Mets folks over the years has been one of the biggest rewards of doing this blog and also back when I wrote At Metspolice. Mark Fine was one of those guys that was a solid person behind the scenes at Citi Field. I want to wish him good luck at his new organization in Brooklyn. Mark was definitely one of the folks who cared about the fans over in Flushing and will care about the fans in Brooklyn. Mark was one of the guys who were really cool with us running the QBC and being very supportive of it. Thanks Mark.

Game used Kevin’s McReynolds helmet?

I don’t remember the last time that I have seen a McReynolds game Used Anything pop up. It’s over on eBay.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

@Mets with a fun behind the scenes shoot with Conforto

I like this kind of stuff. Especially since I work in the film business. It give folks some insight. Also, folks love to see what goes on when filming is happening.

Letter to Mets Fans from Josh Lewin

I liked Josh on the radio and he did a great job that one year at the QBC hosting the Mazzy Awards. Good luck to you Josh.

The Mets should wear these jerseys for BP

Next season the Mets should wear something like this during Spring Training and Batting Practice.
I just like that it’s something different.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

MLB Players and Agents love the S word.

Baseball Players and they agents keep inferring to strikes and collusion. This is an interesting read from the NY POST about the "nuclear option".
This year, it’s Phillies pitcher Pat Neshek, who dipped his toe in the strike waters.
“It’s sad to see. It stinks. They want to go cheaper, the front offices. I think we signed a bad CBA, personally,” the 12-year veteran said, via The Athletic on Wednesday. “When there’s a little disrespect, when the revenues are going up, and the portion that’s being paid to the players is consistently declining, there’s going to be an issue.

“It’s going to get pretty ugly. The smart front offices, a lot of those guys might not have jobs anymore, because we’re not going to have baseball. It’s a respect issue.”
If they’re not going to have baseball, that means one side would be holding out. The “smart” front offices are typically the ones that spend frugally, finding talent on the margins at costs they can live with. Or they don’t spend on established players at all, investing in their farm systems, where they can produce players on rookie contracts. They can tank to get better draft picks, turn those picks into major league players in a few years and develop a system that theoretically can eventually yield wins for cheap. That’s the hope at least.

That groupthink has infested baseball, and the more free-wheeling, money-spending GMs have disappeared. Emerging have been the voices of angry players, whose CBA doesn’t expire until December 2021. Emerging have been angry agents like CAA’s Jeff Berry, who released a memo proposing pitchers cap their workload to ensure teams don’t use them up before they can hit free agency.

Read more here.

The Baseball Players signed a bad CBA according to Neshak. If the members of the union believe that then it's time to clean house on who negotiated that deal on them. I'm in a union. My union leaders try to do the best for the members of that union. They aren't going to ask us to ratify a deal that weakens the union. They know once you give something up you aren't getting it back. I also don't know if baseball can survive another strike. If as an MLBPA member you don't like what your leadership has done for you, get rid of them. Would it be able to rebound? Who can you market to bring it back? Baseball is already losing fans by the stadium load. Owners, Players, Agents all want the most money they can get. I get that and it is after all a business. The players are putting themselves into the position with fans that is not going to be a good look. Fans are going to start calling them spoiled and whiners etc. This is all going to get ugly.

Men's New York Mets New Era Orange Alternate Logo 59FIFTY Fitted Hat

I would love to see this cap as an alternate on field. Maybe even for BP.

@Metspolice,Main Stream Media, Mets and deGrom

From the NY POST

Now this is a bluff The Post would love to see called.

If Jacob deGrom doesn’t get his desired long-term extension by his Opening Day deadline, would he actually take the Nationals Park mound on March 28, clock six shutout innings while throwing 62 pitches and then, when asked about pitching the seventh, borrow an old Herman Melville line and declare, “I would prefer not to”?
Very likely not, as this exaggerates the sort of measures deGrom’s current head agent, Jeff Berry of CAA, proposed in an industry memo last year. Yet by throwing down the gauntlet in their discussions with the Mets, whose general manager, Brodie Van Wagenen, just happens to be deGrom’s former head agent, deGrom and company have rolled a hand grenade into this upbeat Mets spring just as pitchers and catchers reported.
And the sobering reality is that neither the Mets nor Van Wagenen has earned the right to call such bluffs. They should buy high on deGrom, advance these slow-moving discussions and give him the five-year, $155.5 million extension The Post’s Joel Sherman outlined in November and hope that commitment puts them in a position to be bolder the next time.
Read more here.

It's funny that the Main Stream Media is catching up on this after @metspolice has been pointing this out.


Speaking to The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal, CAA agent Brodie van Wagenen said he and his client had "discussed Jacob’s future with the Mets at length. 
"Jacob has expressed interest in exploring a long-term partnership that would keep him in a Mets uniform for years to come.- USA TODAY
“If the Mets don’t share same interest, we believe their best course of action is to seriously consider trade opportunities now. The inertia of current situation could complicate Jacob’s relationship with the club and creates an atmosphere of indecision." 
That’s Agent Brodie Van Wagenen talking about his client Jacob deGrom last summer.  That was a few months after accusing the owners of collusion and a few months after threatening a lockout.  But you newspaper guys can keep writing sunshine articles, it’s fine, I got this.
Today’s story is that JDG would like an extension.  I will be curious to see what the General Manager does.

Shannon makes a great point now. Does Chief Brodie change up his stance since he's the GM now? Does he still believe that there is collusion in the MLB among owners? Here's a better question that a conspiracy minded person could ask, " Did Brodie get the Mets GM job to get him to stop mentioning the collusion word?" I am not saying that this is the reason but that a person who is a conspiracy buff could ask this.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

MLB 150 patch...It is boring.

Man this patch is so boring. So,so,so,so boring. Who came up with this?

Cotton Hill, I mean Terry Collins at PSL

Event Venues eventually moving to all digital ticketing.....

After the discussion I had with @metspolice on twitter yesterday with the Red Bulls moving to all digital ticketing, I reached out to a buddy of mine who works in the industry. He was able to answer some of my questions....

 What happens when my phone dies in middle of game and can’t get back in?

Venues offer charging cords and if you can prove your ticket once your phone is up - we’ll write you a ticket at Guest Services. Other places , it will be printed and you don’t have to worry but if it dies before you enter, you’ll need proof of purchase and a photo ID and we’ll re- print. Some have relationships with stub hub and can verify your third party purchase but you may be S.O.L if you purchase third party and your phone dies otherwise. I’ve never met a box office that won’t offer to charge your phone so you can verify your ticket though and then they can write you a slip.

What if phone drops cracks and breaks? 

IIf you purchase through the team or Ticketmaster- you’re fine- box office can look up your purchase But if they were transferred or third party then we call the box office and see the seats. We’ll call the seat holder and try to confirm who they transferred to.

What about folks that can’t afford smart phones? Older folks with the jitterbug phone?

They are trying to phase those out. Personally for us, if they go to box office - we can print them (but not third party ) those folks will have to have it somehow up on their phone. I get how people see this as a problem but in my 2 years at a fully digital ticket spot like the XXXXXXXXX - I have had not one issue with someone getting in. Most have people with them and we text the ticket to that phone.

Thanks to my buddy for giving me some insight to this. I still don't think it's the greatest idea in the world to go all digital.I can see my phone dying on me during a game and the usher being annoying about it, then I have to waste time to go to the guest services or box office and miss part of the game. Just like I have used an all cashless system at a venue. It should have sped up the process but it slowed it down.

Monday, February 11, 2019

The guys from @MajorWFPod will call you when you buy their merchandise doing certain promos.

Hey if any of you wrestling/wrestling figure collecting fans doubted that you would get a call from the guys over at the Major Wrestling Figure Podcast if you buy any of their items(when they have you buy our stuff and we'll call you promotion) on Pro Wrestling Tees, I can tell you that they do call. 

"Wait!, Don't you know Curt Hawkins? Of course he is going to call you!." Yep. I do know Hawkins. Curt Hawkins is a quality dude. Here is the funny thing is that when I got the phone call last night from a blocked number, it wasn't Hawkins calling. It was Zack Ryder. Hawkins didn't know that Ryder was calling someone who he knew. Ryder didn't know that I know Hawkins personally. They were on speakerphone while they were in a car driving. Hawkins realized it was me once he could hear me. Ryder got confused for a second just like he did when Hawkins gave a shout out to the QBC  on their podcast

I bought the snapback Major WF cap and I am glad I did. It's different and I like the design. I also bought the "event" shirt NotSam vs The Major WF Podcast shirt happening at Caroline's on Feb 27th. They Sam Roberts has a feud going on with Hawkins and Ryder and it should be a fun show.

Get tickets here.

@metspolice need this Frazier Banner for his deck

Since Matt Harvey is gone, it seems like Todd Frazier is my cousin’s target now. Knowing that, I think he needs this for his deck.

I can see this hanging near the pool.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

MLB Executives don't think Brodie did a good job.

MLB Execs throwing shade.

From the NY POST

“I still don’t like the team on the field that much. I am not in love with it,” a National League executive said of the Mets. “But they have made significant upgrades and they will have a much better bench, so there won’t be a precipitous drop if there’s an injury, like when [Yoenis] Cespedes went down the whole team was done. They are not as good a team as Washington is on the field. You can argue with Atlanta and Philadelphia on the field. The winner is going to be the team that basically stays healthy.”
Among Van Wagenen’s stated goals was to eliminate the “ifs” and give the Mets a chance to compete even if injuries remove top players from action. As it stands, Cespedes is expected to miss at least the first half of the season rehabbing from surgery to remove calcifications from both heels.
“Contrary to what Brodie says, every team is built on ifs,” a second NL executive said. “You can’t sit there and say you are going to be ‘if-proof,’ because all it takes is one guy in any kind of rotation to go down and then what do they do?The best of the offseason pickups was probably Diaz, a 24-year-old closer who posted a 1.96 ERA and 57 saves last season for the Mariners. The other component of the trade, Cano, is 36 years old and coming off an 80-game PED suspension. There are also questions about his range at second base.
Lowrie, who turns 35 in April, will likely see much of his action at third base, but can move around the infield. Ramos will provide the Mets with a bat behind the plate, but also must show he can stay healthy after missing extensive action in recent seasons. Familia and Wilson will complement Diaz and figure to bolster a bullpen that was among the worst in baseball last season.
“Addressing the bullpen was probably the best thing that they did,” the second executive said. “It’s a good pen and they have got a good club. It’s going to be a very good division.”
Read more here.
Now is this the Execs trying to downplay the Mets moves or do they really think they suck? Also if Brodie does do well, are they worried that they might be replaced by Scott Boras?

Jed Lowrie and why he became a Met.

Jed Lowrie was asked about coming to the Mets. He wanted to play for his former agent. I think I have been pretty transparent that I met Brodie a few weeks ago and talking to the guy I like him. I don't get any "agent" vibes from him and I know A LOOOOOOOOT of agents.

From the NY Post
Q: What was appealing about coming to New York and playing for the Mets?

A: I think the opportunity to play for Brodie. I’ve had a long history with him [when Van Wagenen was my agent] and we’ve had a lot of baseball conversations and kind of see his vision playing our from the other side, and the moves that he made early on that kind of set the stage. That excited me and gave me the knowledge that I needed that they were serious. … I think the collection of guys that are in the clubhouse, the talent that’s in the clubhouse kind of helped me guide my decision.

   Q: What makes Brodie tick?

    A: I think he’s always looking for a challenge, and I think he is someone who is             well-organized and thoughtful about the things that he does. He has that mentality of finding a way to get better … the mentality to do that, we probably click on more than anything else … finding a way to get better.

Q: What will it be like playing on the New York stage?

             A: The opportunity to play for an organization that has such a rich history, right? You talk      about the Mets logo and colors, you’re talking about a combination of the Brooklyn Dodgers and the New York Giants. There’s such a rich history woven just in the hat. It’s exciting.

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Who's going to play in London from the MLB?

You see that pic of Big Ben here? Well you can keep this on your phone for when the Cardinals and the Cubs play there in 2020. Wait what do you mean the Cubs and Cardinals? In my opinion I think this is the sexier matchup for over seas. Plus what other country wants  The NATIONALS from another country playing there. The history of the Cubs and Cards outweighs the team that came from Montreal and that NL team from NYC that isn't the Yankees. Maybe if they pitched the Subway Series over there, that would be cool The Underground Series...Yeah that's it. Sounds like a fight club.. Mets vs Yankees. Two teams enter, one team returns to the states.

A lot of Mets fans are getting hyped for this, I don't blame them. I just wouldn't get your hopes up though.

Blevins thanks Mets Fans for his time in NYC

METS BP Cap for 2019

This material reminds me of the Amazing Spider-Man suit..Look at that texture.

Friday, February 8, 2019

Mets are guaranteeing Bobbleheads with special ticket packages.

Folks complained about not being able to get bobbles guaranteed, now the Mets are going to guarantee them for you. But there is a price. $99 for the ticket package that guarantees you a bobble and a photo op with the Throne and a field level ticket.

Now what about the Mets season ticket holders?

Chief Brodie is standing behind his original swagger.

This is a quote from Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen. After meeting him, I do think he actually believes this and really wants this team to succeed.  For an agent, he seems very genuine and I think he wants the Mets to succeed while building his brand. Not the other way around.

“We believe we can win, and I think because of that we should not be afraid to say it,’’ Van Wagenen told The Post on a sun-splashed Thursday at First Data Field and Mets pre-camp.
“We do believe it. It’s just not me saying it. Our players believe it,’’ he said. “Our coaching staff believes it, and I think that confidence has resonated across all of us and it gives us the conviction to be able to say it out loud.
“When I took the job I knew there was talent here and a core to build around, most notably on the mound and our starting rotation,’’ Van Wagenen said of his central plan that was carefully put into action the past few months. 
“I think we had a number of clear areas of improvement we needed to make, and we were very vocal about what those areas were and we were methodical about trying to address them. So now that we have done that, we feel really good and really confident about the club that we’ve built and the players that are here, and we’re looking forward about going to war.
“I hope that our division is the most competitive in baseball because we are not going to be afraid to go toe-to-toe with any of them and we expect to win, and if we win in this division there is no stopping us.’’
Read more here.

Hey Travis, look over your shoulder.

Adding positional depth has been one of the goals this offseason for the Mets, who earlier signed free agent Wilson Ramos to be their starting catcher.

“Devin is greatly respected among our pitching staff and is extremely well prepared,’’ general manager Brodie Van Wagenen said. “We are hopeful he can contribute in 2019.”

“I was really excited to see he is coming back and get another chance to do something,” lefty Steven Matz said of Mesoraco — who signed a minor league deal and originally came over to the Mets on May 8 in the Matt Harvey trade with Reds.
The Mets thought that Travis was better then Plawecki, but they aren't going to put all their backup eggs in one catcher who seems to be always hurt.

Read more here from the NY POST.

The Phillies get Realmuto. Did the Mets have enough to have gotten him after looking at this deal? I have no clue, I like the Ramos signing anyway. You can read more about the trade here.

Mets sign another pitcher to a minor league deal... Read here.

I think that's it for now.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Nimmo becomes GNimmo with his own Gnome

Brandon deserves one....

Mets did a nice thing for a lifelong fan.

This was a nice gesture the Mets did for Tom Siragusa and his grandson.

The Mets seem that they are trying to embrace their fans again. Even Jeff Wilpon is going out of he shadows and trying to be more out in front in the view of the fans. Before Brodie was hired how often did you see him. Maybe Jeff can get the fans to get behind ownership by doing the right "thing" in regards to fans. Anyway, this is one of the "right things to do" and I am glad that it seems that there is a change in the culture at the Citi Field. I am also glad that this lifelong fan and his grandson got to spend the day in Flushing and forget about what was going on in his life for the day.

Callaway says MLB should see what fans want with DH

Mickey Callaway who came from the Designated Hitter world of the American League wants the MLB to check what the fans want when it comes to the DH.

From the NY POST.

If it does, Mets manager Mickey Callaway, who lived with the DH while pitching coach of the Indians in the American League, has some interesting thoughts.
“They would have to give teams a decent heads-up so they could build their roster the right way,’’ Callaway told The Post on Wednesday. “I am loving the National League game. No DH definitely makes it more interesting for the players and coaches on the field, but this is about the fans, and I would love to leave that up to them to decide.”
That is an interesting approach. MLB could market the DH question and make it a fan experience much like the All-Star Game, in which fans vote for the players. To DH or not to DH? The fans could help make that final decision.
Noah Syndergaard had a different take, posting a short video on Twitter of actor Tracy Morgan saying “nope.”
Read more here.

I like the NL the way it is because of the fact you have to use strategy when removing your pitchers during a game because of where their hitting spot might be coming up in the order... But oh well.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

WWE Day at Citi Field

Syndergaard effectively can only pitch according to this. Oh and wants to sit with th @the7linearmy.

This is funny statement.
“Wilson Ramos behind the plate is a guy who can control the running game, he really adapts to his pitchers, and he also can mash the baseball,’’ Syndergaard told The Post on Tuesday at Mets pre-camp. “I think the lineup is going to be a force to be reckoned with.’’
Controlling the running game is an issue for Syndergaard as he continues to try to be more fluid to the plate. Having Ramos’ expertise should benefit him.
In other words, "Noah, you suck at everything about pitching except the pitching." "This is your flaw and we will make sure we yell it from the hill tops so everyone knows it." "Oh yeah, the new catcher should help. BTW Travis you sucked at this."

Read more at the NY POST

Syndergaard wants to sit with The7LineArmy with Brodie.

It can't happen. At least I don't think it can. Oh yeah, Just like the Young Bucks, he's ALL IN. At least he is with Brodie.

“I think where I am personally with my head space, I couldn’t be more pumped to be down here right now as an individual and team-based,’’ Syndergaard told The Post on Tuesday at Mets pre-camp, the first the big right-hander has attended. “The positive energy around us all is just going to propel us forward.’’
Syndergaard, who is sporting a new beard, is well aware new general manager Brodie Van Wagenen said the Mets are the team to beat in the NL East.
Thor concurs.
“Most definitely,’’ he said. “Especially just being down here early. The serotonin release I just get from being around the other guys. It’s very uplifting. I can’t wait to get the ball rolling.’’
Not for one minute did Syndergaard believe he was going to be traded.
“I was in constant communication with Brodie,’’ Syndergaard said as the late-afternoon sun glinted off his aviator sunglasses. “I think Brodie is the GM baseball has been longing for. It’s really cool seeing him in the batting cage the other day and then making the announcement that he is going to sit in The 7 Line [Army] section during the Subway Series. I was like, ‘Hell, I wish I could do that. If I’m not pitching that day, I want to join him.’
Supposedly he has changed his training again...

“I revamped my offseason training, where I wasn’t focused on moving a whole lot of weight but just try to move a moderate amount of weight fairly quickly,’’ Syndergaard, 26, said. “Last year I was slow and methodical to a degree. You’re cutting yourself off, so I’ve focused on being more fluid and gaining acceleration down the slope. I did a lot of more explosive plyometrics stuff, a lot of jumping in terms of upper-body stuff, a lot of shoulder stabilization and just trying to be an athlete." 

Read more here from the NY POST 

Let's see how that works out.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

New York Beer Fest back at Citi Field

deGrom and Mets Contract Talks

Looks like there might be some fun times coming up for the Mets and Jacob deGrom with upcoming contract negotiations. I’m not about to speculate but I can’t wait to see what transpires.

From the NY Post.

Read more here.

Monday, February 4, 2019

Mets Spring Training Jerseys and Caps

Well they finally are out there...

Okay everyone back to your daily business.

No Ticket Fees in February on Mets Tickets

Click here for link.

24 Million Dollars of Counterfeit Super bowl Tickets and Merchandise Confiscated

Who does counterfeiting hurt? The folks who buy the tickets and get scammed. The people who by gear that falls apart. The people working in sweatshops over seas. Then let's not forget about the illegal crime organizations and terrorists it helps fun. I have been hearing rumors when NIKE takes over the MLB uniform production that they are relentless in trying to stop fakes.

Read more from Fox5 Atlanta here.

To begin with, counterfeiting is illegal.  It's a violation of intellectual property rights.  MORE IMPORTANTLY it's immoral.  By supporting counterfeiters, you are supporting some ofthe absolute worst human beings on the planet. 
Are they bad because they counterfeit jerseys?  No.  They're bad because they're also involved in counterfeiting money, counterfeiting prescription drugs, trafficking illegal drugs, and even worse, these international criminals are involved in human trafficking which I consider one of the most abhorrent crimes imaginable.  

On top of that, purchasing counterfeits hurts the American retain economy.

I've heard several arguments on the pro-counterfeit side.  I'll now deconstruct them.

1.  "The NFL charges too much for jerseys!"

Nonsense.  It's all a matter of what the public is willing to pay, plus supply and demand.  If you don't like the price, don't buy the jersey.  Rolex charges a lot for a watch too--far too much for my taste, so I don't buy it.  There are other watches out there.  In the same vein, there is plenty of other NFL merchandise--tee shirts, sweatshirts, hats, that are FAR LESS in price than an authentic jersey.  Why not wear officially licensed, yet less expensive stuff?

Secondly, if you REALLY want the jersey,  earn the proper amount of money to pay for a legitimate jersey.  Bragging about your phony jersey is pathetic.  

2. "My phony jersey looks real!"

No.  Your phony jersey looks phony.  NFL fans with an eye for detail can spot fakes a mile away.  They're like bad boob jobs from the 1980s.  Ironically, just like the bad boob jobs, only the jersey wearer thinks the jersey actually looks real.

3.  "Nobody gets hurt except the NFL."

Not true.  American retailers get hurt.  Legitimate manufacturers get hurt; even if they are overseas they are still abiding by the law.  And again, counterfeit goods fund international criminal cartels who do business in some of the WORST crimes imaginable, including human trafficking.  

Additionally, do you honestly think that the folks manufacturing these jerseys care what kinds of materials they're using?  If your jersey is loaded with lead or some other toxic material, what kind of legal recourse will you have?  NONE.  

In short, if you're thinking of handing over your money to international criminals, please reconsider.  Get a nice polo shirt or sweatshirt instead.  Trust me it will look far better than any phony jersey you can buy.  You don't need to wear another man's work uniform anyway.  (Adults who do are kind of sad, actually.)

Citi Field in Avengers Endgame

Of course I tweeted about it but I didn't expect the Cyclones and Rumble Ponies to respond to me.

That was more fun then that game last night.

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Mets Tom Burgess Baseball Jersey

You can find this on eBay.

1977 New York Mets Game Used Goodman Sons Coach Tom Burgess Baseball Jersey

Men’s 44




Saturday, February 2, 2019

This was the jersey I submitted for the @the7linearmy Season Ticket Holder Jersey Contest.

It didn't win but I at least got to design the ones for the QBC... 

Sandy regrets not signing #Imwith28

@metspolice is probably looking smug right now.

From the NY Post
Sandy Alderson has a new job, joining his protégé Billy Beane in Oakland this week as the Athletics’ senior adviser to baseball operations, but there’s a decision during his tenure as the Mets general manager that still bothers him.

“The one thing I regret — and I told him this — was not signing Daniel Murphy,’’ Alderson said by phone Friday. “We’ve kept in touch. He’s a great person and a really good player.”

At the time, the Mets were coming off their first World Series appearance in 15 years and they got there largely thanks to Murphy’s bat. Murphy finished the regular season on a tear and was named NLCS MVP.
Instead of bringing Murphy back on a long-term deal, the Mets acquired Neil Walker and a disappointed Murphy — who had hoped to stay in Queens — went to the Nationals for three years and $37.5 million.
He’s a very good player and an excellent offensive player,’’ Alderson said. “We made him a qualifying offer and he signed a multi-year deal elsewhere. I don’t think we predicted him sustaining that level of performance and he didn’t end up being part of our strategy. But I applaud him for what he’s done. I’d like to have that one back.’’ 
Read more here.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen to sit with the @the7linearmy during Subway Series

There is definitely a culture change going on in the front office of the Mets. You guys can crap on the Mets about this but it seems like they are starting to get that the fans should be treated better. From things I am hearing and seeing behind the scenes it looks legit. They really want fans to feel like they matter and not just money coming into the ballpark. How quickly the changes are made is a totally different story but at least they are trying. 

I wrote a post earlier this week that I got to meet Brodie. He is a very engaging person. Easy to talk to and you can tell he wants this organization on and off the field to stop being a joke. He wants to show fans that the team cares about them on and off the field. I have heard things about other members of the organization want to change the culture too.

I have always had a fan advocacy voice since I've been blogging. First it was Metspolice and and for the last few years it has also been with this blog here. I am a part of something behind the scenes with the Mets on a volunteer basis and it shows that the Mets want to listen to the fans and try to make things better.

Brodie sitting with the 7line is a great way of showing how the culture is changing. I like it....

Why no backpacks @Nationals?

Why not? Why is a laptop sling / briefcase better then a backpack?


You can find this on eBay...Wasn't the Machado jersey you were hoping for.