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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Why are MLB Players voting on playing if there are COVID-19 positive results?

I have been waiting for the fallout to really hit from the Marlins players getting hit so severely with Covid-19. MLB owners had an emergency meeting about what to do with the season. I am sure they are going to push on with the season and if they don't nip this in the bud with the players having team meetings to keep playing games it could get ugly.

Manfred has several uncomfortable questions to answer, beginning with the obvious: why did he allow the Marlins to play in the midst of an outbreak? Miami manager Don Mattingly told The Athletic his club never considered forfeiting Sunday, leading one to assume the decision was entirely left up to the players. 
MLB’s decision to forego a league bubble and allow players to travel freely always posed risk. The coronavirus continues to surge in most parts of the U.S., with more than 54,000 cases being reported Sunday alone. The seven-day average for confirmed cases stands at 65,628.With those harrowing numbers in mind, it seems like the only way to possibly complete a sports season is to house all players and league officials inside of a quarantine bubble. The NBA recorded 0 positive coronavirus tests last week and MLS has recorded 0 positive tests for seven rounds of testing. Those figures look promising for the NHL, which is hosting players in Toronto and Edmonton.  
Obviously, player behavior can never be completely controlled, as evidenced by Clippers guard Lou Williams heading to a strip-club for an order of chicken wings. The veteran will serve a 10-day quarantine. But within the bubble, leagues have a fighting chance. The virus is simply too prevalent nationwide for players to travel between cities. The odds say it was only a matter of time before MLB dealt with an outbreak. It just happened to occur within 96 hours of Opening Day.
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Shouldn't this have been decided by MLB officials and not to a team meeting? Maybe this game 
should have been treated as a rain out. Meaning it should have been postponed and added to the back
end of this shortened season if need be. I don't get this. Now the Marlins have a total of eleven players
and two coaches with Covid-19. Did any of these players have contact with the Phillies players while 
on field and if so, how many of the Phillies are going to get Covid-19. The whole message since this
pandemic started was be preventative with the virus. 

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