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Sunday, July 19, 2020

Did I watch the Mets/Yankees game last night?

Last night it was the first Mets baseball games since Summer Camp started. I didn't watch any of it when it was live. I instead was watching the Impact Wrestling PPV to see what free agents that were let go by the WWE might pop up. As I am writing this post right now, I am watching the telecast from last night and I like the crowd noise being piped in. The cut outs feel like the crowds put into video games during the 1990's. I just wasn't into watching the game last night for some reason. Maybe because it was really a "Spring Training" game? Maybe once Opening Day hits later this week I'll snap into it? I probably will. On a sidetone, I think that I noticed one of the cutout pictures that the person was wearing a knockoff jersey. God I need help. 

The more that I am fast forwarding through this game, the more I am thinking I'll get more into the games when Opening Day hits. Am I watching the game tonight? Nope. Tonight is WWE Extreme Rules PPV.

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