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Saturday, July 18, 2020

Is ARod and JLO Mets going to be Jeter and Marlins 2.0?

From the NY Daily News

The bidding is in the second and probably final round. What has become increasingly clear is that, for all their noise and celebrity, there is no way Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are getting the Mets.

There are a lot of reasons for this, most of all they don’t have near the money of the two front runners, New York hedge fund tycoon Steve Cohen and New Jersey Devils/Philadelphia 76ers primary owners, Joshua Harris and David Blitzer. Recently A-Rod announced to much excitement that NFL Hall-of-Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher, Super Bowl champion Travis Kelce and 2014 NFL offensive player of the year DeMarco Murray had joined his group of investors, to which one industry insider noted: “That’s all you need to know about A-Rod’s bid. The last thing you want at this stage of the game is more investors. It just proves the point they don’t have the money, whereas a guy like Cohen [whose net worth is estimated at $13.8 billion by Forbes] doesn’t need any investors. Nor do the 76ers guys [Harris is said to have a net worth of nearly $5 billion and Blitzer $1.3 billion]. They can all buy the Mets on their own.”

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We have seen this before with Derek Jeter and the Marlins. Big Celeb ownership group with the money to buy the team but not the money to run the team and keep their big time players. So who thinks that ARod and JLo is a good ownership group? In my opinion don't think this is the ownership group the organization needs. The Mets organization really needs a stability now. The organization has had a real rough time for over a decade with the Wilpons. The fans, players, Mets Staff, all deserve better.

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