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Friday, July 10, 2020

Mets Bids: Steve Cohen bidding big time.

Yesterday was the deadline to make the first round of bids to the Wilpon owned Mets and boy did they get a biggie. I can see the Mets saying no to it though for some reason. The Wilpons really seemthe type of people to bypass a life boat while waiting for a life yacht. TWO BILLION FOR THE TEAM and TWO BILLION FOR SNY was offered by Cohen. AROD and JLO's team bid $1.75 Billion. If the Wilpons take the Cohen deal, they still have to worry about if MLB owners will approve him. At this point I think they might just to get rid of the the Wilpons but who knows. Weirder things have happened.

Fromt he NY POST

Cohen, the hedge-fund billionaire who had previously offered $2.6 billion only to see the deal fall apart at the 11th hour, delivered the Wilpons an offer for $2 billion this time, according to a Fox Business report. That report stated Cohen is also willing to offer an additional $2 billion to also acquire SNY.

Cohen’s bid wasn’t the only one to come in before Thursday’s deadline.

Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez have their necessary funding and made a bid that is likely good enough to keep them in the game, sources told The Post.

The former Yankee slugger’s bidding group offered around $1.7 billion, two sources close to the situation said.

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