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Monday, June 1, 2020

Why do Mets fans make this post about the Mets and not about what matters?

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I try not to get political on this blog. I don't feel that this is the platform to do so. When there are certain things going on, I try just to present facts  I let people decide what they want to do with those facts. Right now with what is going on in the world and then add what has been going on in the last two weeks in the country it is ridiculous. We should be better people at this point. If you are going to ask me who do I support, I am going to tell you that I support the protestors out there trying to make a difference with inequality and brutality that is here. I support the hard working cops who do the right thing and protect us from danger and crime. You can support both.

That being said, I can not support the folks making the Mets post about what is going on in our city, our state, and our country about the Wilpons and selling the team.

I don't know why folks think this was the post on FB to make these comments on. Find a different post for this. If you want to criticize the original post for any reason, that's great. I just don't get what you guys think that you are going to accomplish here with that.

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