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Sunday, June 14, 2020

MLBPA send a message to MLB and fans

I get where MLB is coming from with no money coming in this season for teams because no fans will be in attendance but you can't tell me that the league doesn't have money to pay the players to play. The league just signed a huge television rights deal. They make a ton of money from merch sales and licensing. The players might not be able to see their family for months and are the ones that have a higher chance of getting sick. 

My next question is, what about the team/league support staff that work behind the scenes. They don't make anything close to what the players make. Do they get any kind of a bump in pay?

You guys all now I am a huge baseball fan but we are halfway through June and I don't mind if we skip the season. I just toss on the KBO to get my fill.

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