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Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Is there still enough good faith between Major League Baseball Owners and the MLBPA?

Is this going to be the end of baseball if there is no season this year? I really can't get why the players and the owners can be so short sited. The current CBA is over at the end of 2021 and I have a feeling it is going to be really ugly.
Baseball itself is own a downward trend and it isn't getting any better. The youth of today aren't into baseball and if the sport loses the older demographics who is going to pass on the love of the game to future generations. There is
no good faith on either side between the players and the owners. There is going to be even less faith between the fans and baseball.  If there is no season this year and the two sides can't agree on a new CBA for 2022 and beyond
will that be the death knell of baseball? Will the trust between the fans and Major League Baseball be forever broken? I really hope the league doesn't die out. I enjoy going to the games to relax and get away from the  run and
gun of every day life. I like being able to hang out with friends that I don't get to see all the time. I like going away with The 7Line Army to different cities that I have never been to before and probably never would have went
to on my own. I hope this gets sussed out and the future of the sport isn't totally destroyed. 

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