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Thursday, June 25, 2020

MLB Players don’t need to quarantine coming back to NY

From the NY Post

When I announced it, I talked to the Yankees and the Mets about this and I said that New York’s health commissioner would develop a protocol with them to bring up their players. This was last

week,” Cuomo said on WAMC. “And we have been doing that. … They have a protocol that when the players come up, they’re gonna get tested and the saliva tested, swab tested, etc. They have a whole protocol, which predates the quarantine.
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What I am getting from out of all this is if you wear a baseball uniform and you are coming from a high impact COVID 19 area you don’t have to quarantine. Dicks Sports could be really busy with folks buying jerseys. Seriously though I wonder how this is going to really end up. It’s even coming out that a lot of the WWE staff were being diagnosed with Covid 19. It just shows no matter what sports do to try to keep Covid out that it’s still going to pop up.

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