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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Manfred implementing season

From the NY Post

Major League Baseball announced Monday night that it would move forward with a 2020 restart, the conditions unilaterally implemented by commissioner Rob Manfred, after the MLB Players Association voted down Manfred’s last offer.

The length of the regular season, if the coronavirus allows it to happen, will be 60 games, the same length as the schedule proposed last week by Manfred. There will not be expanded playoffs.

Describing the owners as “disappointed” by the PA executive board’s 33-5 vote to reject its package, MLB added, “In order to produce a schedule with a specific number of games, we are asking that the Players Association provide to us by 5:00 p.m. (ET) tomorrow with two pieces of information. The first is whether players will be able to report to camp within seven days [by July 1]. The second is whether the Players Association will agree on the Operating Manual which contains the health and safety protocols necessary to give us the best opportunity to conduct and complete our regular season and Postseason.”

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I really can't wait until the CBA is up and all this is brought back up and we do't have yet another season in a couple of years. I wonder if this becomes a totally different game in the future.

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