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Friday, June 19, 2020

Who cares about the LFGM usage besides @Metspolice and Mushnick?

From the NY POST 

For example, the Mets and MLB seem to have no problem with the team’s traditional marketing slogan, “Let’s go Mets!” having added a vulgarity. Now, cued by young Pete Alonso, it’s “LFGM.”

So if he knows the F-word is so vulgar and inappropriate that it must hide behind its initial, why use it? Why not instead lose it?

To emphasize anything, it now seems as if you have to add or throw in the F-word. Those spray-paint-armed “protestors” who desecrated the outside of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, after all, couldn’t stop with “BLM.” They topped it with a large “F–K.”

I guess that word is to prove you really, really mean it or really, really care.

LFGM T-shirts, hoodies, coffee mugs, bumper stickers and even virus masks are now for sale. Reminds me of when the NFL sold framed photos of Marshawn Lynch grabbing his crotch.

Again, it’s not rocket surgery. The Mets, MLB, and Alonso’s and Crow-Armstrong’s agents can’t ask them to cut it out? Or is it protected under the collective bargaining agreement?

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Here's the thing with me. I don't really care about the F there are using in LFGM because it is vulgar, I don't like it because it takes away from the LGM. "What about the kids?" Kids? Kids these days can out swear me. That is on the parents for not getting them to stop swearing. People love to complain that is tv shows, movies, video games, sports players when it should be the parents who get to teach their kids manners and what to to not to say. I prefer the streamline LGM and the LFGM feels forced at times. If it is  in the moment of emotion fine, but don't use it as a tagline on everything. What is Mushnick talking about with the LFGM being on merch? I don't thing I have ever seen it on officially licensed merch. It will fade away....

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