I was reading Metspolice and Shannon was talking about hallway gossip from my sister that seems to have been all messed up.

From the NY POST
Meanwhile, Coleman, the longtime WFAN Mets’ beat guy, will take back his old pre- and post-game role, according to sources. Coleman, 70, will do around 120-130 games, while WCBS morning anchor, Brad Heller, is expected to fill in on the rest. Entercom owns both WFAN and WCBS.
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Now it seems Shannon got things a little messed up. I can see it happening because of the caper last night. No Pete McCarthy at all in this situation....

I texted my sister to see what she had to say about this. She told me she read this to my cousin Shannon.

hmmm... This is all wonky... Anyway you can meet Shannon 16 days from now at the QBC.

It seems that Wayne Randazzo's tenure might be short lived. The Mets/Entercom Have people in their back pocket if Howie and Wayne don't work.
During the upcoming season, when Rose or Randazzo are off, CBS is expected to bring in some play-by-players for what will be auditions. Chernoff will be able to see if he favors these voices over Randazzo going forward.
It will also give Chernoff a chance to listen to these announcers on the big stage, because he is also in charge of WFAN’s broadcast of Yankee games. John Sterling, 80, has shown no inclination of stepping aside, but Chernoff does have to consider whom he might one day hire to replace Sterling.
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