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Monday, January 14, 2019

@QBConvention: Hernandez out. Strawberry Pinch Hitting. Autograph Signing Questions.

I am sure you read the news today about Keith Hernandez back issues. Keith not being able to appear at the QBC this weekend and that Darryl Strawberry is stepping in to Pinch Hit for him. 
The Keith Hernandez Baseball Cards will be swapped out for Darryl Strawberry. 
The autograph ticket system stays the same. Except we Swap out Darryl for Keith. Still get the "Darryl" autograph tickets that you bought in your ticket package.
Todd Zeile isn't a part of the ticket package, but we partnered with Katch who is sponsoring to lower his ticket price from $20-$10(Todd is signing from 4pm to 5pm)
Everything else stays the same. Everything that was Keith Hernandez autograph ticket package wise just swap it out to be Darryl Strawberry. 
Thanks everyone.

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Anonymous said...

In the late 80's, maybe 1990 my wife, daughter and I went to Philadelphia to see the Mets. By coincidence we wound up staying in the Mets hotel. We did not know it was. We were exiting the building at the same time as Strawberry. We saw him stop and sign autographs for at least 15 minutes. We left and he was still signing. He was a good guy. We saw Sid Fernandez and Kevin Mcreynolds just brush by people without signing anything. The elevator door opened for us and there was Greg Jeffries putting Visine in his eyes. I told my wife he was probably crying. Just trying to say Mr. strawberry seemed like a great guy. He was very warm to the fans.

Joe S.