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Thursday, January 31, 2019

I met the New Mets GM last night.

Last night I met new Mets GM Brodie Van Wagenen last night. I’ve dealt with agents over the last 20 hrs at work and also running the QBC and I don’t get that “agent vibe” talking to him. I can’t get into why or how I met him last night but it wasn’t  just me that got a few mins with him. Brodie is a very personable guy and when he was talking to us he wasn’t hitting the usual rah rah talking points a GM would use. He wanted to know what we thought on the moves that the Mets have made so far and what we have heard from other fans. I told him about the temperature from Mets fans at QBC this year and what they were thinking about. He was really surprised that the people I was with last night were really into the Ramos deal and he was glad about that. 

I noticed the culture was starting to change a little bit before Brodie got there and it looked like it has  gotten even better since he’s been there. Hopefully this continues to evolve.

Oh and the Mets didn’t bribe me with a steak sandwich and a bottle of water to say this like @metspolice has been accused of accepting and selling out in the past.

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Meesh said...

He’s pretty much my new favorite person.