Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Matt Harvey "Dent" and the Media

I have a few different thoughts bouncing around my head right now with all this Matt Harvey stuff happening in the news.

Blowing off the media after the game.

Matt. You wanted to be a media darling. You wanted to be in the spotlight when you aren't on the field. You wanted to be a celebrity since you got called up to the big leagues. You are the "NY bureau chief" for the Player's Tribune. You can not blow off the media because you are having a tough time pitching right now. You have to take the good with the bad. You wanted to be "the guy", so be the guy. Am I glad you took the mound to try to get whatever is wrong with your pitching corrected? Yep. That shows you want to battle through it. Part of being the "Dark Knight of Flushing" and having "Happy Harvey Days" and wanting to be the guy is dealing with the media that you are happy to talk to when things are going well.

That being said, I don't care what is bothering him and talking to the media after the game isn't going to fix it. I rarely ever listen to post game interviews or press conferences. These things are getting out of hand too. I remember when the presser was just for after a playoff game or something historic would happen during a game. I am getting tired of too much coverage with the players managers. It's basically the same thing said over and over and over.

I'm going to finish with this. Matt. You want to the bat signal(spotlight) on you then deal with it when it's both good or bad. Stop giving these main stream media guys more fuel to add to the fire under you.

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