Friday, July 30, 2021

The trade deadline looms.


And here we are. Trade Deadline 2021. Only a few more hours until the 4pm ET end time is about to be upon us. Watching my fellow Mets fans worrying, dreaming, getting anxious, getting disappointed, and nervous over rumors of Mets trade proposals, other teams making trades, the Yankees making deals and the Mets just standing pay right now, is some of the most entertaining things I get to watch every season.

 The Mets fans when Steve Cohen bought the team, Mets fans thought that they were going to have an owner that would spend without thinking twice. As any good businessman would be, Cohen is not going to waste money and overspend for players that won’t really push the team over the top to being a World Series team.

I want the Mets to do something they haven’t done as an organization in what feels like eons. Get the players, hold on, I meant to see get “All the Players” that will put the team over the top and into contention to win the World Series. The Mets in the past under prior by ownership always would get that one “name” that would move the team close to make it look like they were making a play for the championship but it would only get the team so far. This season, I am paying attention to see if they make the moves that will get them to the dance and not just an invitation that they get to the door of the High School gym and get turned away because they weren’t in dress code for the prom. Hopefully they’ll get the full tuxedo on and be ready to contend with the other teams that just shored up with some moves.

That being said this will be some good discussions at QBC 2021 at Mulcahy’s on November 13,2021.

Anyone wonder why the Mets are wearing black jerseys on trade deadline day?

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