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Thursday, July 8, 2021

Donate if you can.Howard Johnson's Grandson needs help after accident.

I can't imagine what everyone is going through right  now. I copied and pasted this from HoJo's twitter account.

 Hello everyone out there I have some difficult and very sad news to express…2 days ago my youngest grandson was involved in a ugly accident with a riding mower…he was accidentally in the path of the mower as it was in reverse and my son did not see him and as a result…he was run over partially…as a result his left foot was caught in the blade and a portion of his foot was severed…Tanner was rushed to the hospital and is there now and will be there for several days/weeks…he had his first surgery yesterday morning and faces…several more…the severed portion of his foot was recovered but is unable to be replanted…I was with my son when he arrived via ambulance and saw Tanners foot and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing…the guilt that my son feels is overwhelming…it’s the worst fear come true...and we have been praying non stop for Tanner and the family for God’s peace and healing hands…we also pray for the doctors as they figure out what to do next…this little boy turns 2 in a couple weeks and instead of playing baseball, swimming, or running and he’s gonna be in a…hospital room…the family is unprepared for the emotional toll and also the financial toll this will involve…there is a go fund me page along with a Venmo account that if any of you would like to help we would deeply appreciate it…we don’t know why this happened but we must…stay strong and support this family in this crisis…I know many of you have similar stories and my prayers are with you as well…I will share the link to the “go fund me” account and the Venmo account to this tweet…I love you guys out there and God bless…

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