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Sunday, July 11, 2021

Mets traffic pattern into Marina/Citi Field lot/GCP exit


The Mets parking crew over by the Marina Lot has been doing a pretty good job this year with the two lane set up to pay and attendants funneling you through the lot to parking spots making it less chaotic than it has been in the past.

Can I just tel you the traffic pattern getting to the lot set up by the NYPD sucked. Northern Blvd was being backed up because the NYPD had a police van in one (Left) lane at the Citi Field/GCP exit and only had the right lane open. behind that the lane that would take you to the GCP/Citi Field part of the roadway was closed off by a metal barricade which forced all drivers to go towards the Marina Lot's entrance which seems counterintuitive. For ever 6 vehicles that were going to the GCP there was one going into the lot. I was stuck on line starting on Northern for 25 mins to see the three cars in front of me make a left by the Entrance to go to the GCP and not into the lot itself. Where there was the split in the road is where they should have had the cop and parking attendant directing the traffic into the lot or towards the GCP. It made absolutely no sense to hold up the traffic where they did which cause more traffic on Northern Blvd and also was causing a lot of road rage between folks not letting each other in to merge.

I don't get it Mets. Don't get it at all.

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