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Thursday, July 8, 2021

How is my buddy Chris Flexen doing out West?


I like to keep up on how my buddy Chris Flexen is doing in the Pacific Northwest. There were quite a few  "Fans" on social media that killed him when he was playing for the Mets. Chris got in my opinion, a raw deal from the organization here in Queens and was able to rebound from it in the Korean Baseball Organization where he pitched unbelievably well and was able to turn that into a pretty good Major League contract in Seattle. How is Chris doing now? Let's check out his stats.

7 wins, 3 losses in last 15 starts? That sounds pretty solid. ERA is a 3.80 not bad. 85 innings pitched good, good. 57 Strike Outs. He's no deGrom but no one else is. 17 walks. and a 1.25 WHIP.  Let's go smaller than this now. 3 wins 1 loss. 2.62 ERA in last 7 games.  I think Chris is showing us what kind of pitcher he could have been in NY if given a real chance.

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