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Sunday, July 18, 2021

Rough time in Pittsburgh for me this weekend.


Man this was a rough weekend for me. I had to work Friday from the mid morning to Saturday about 4:30 am, got home grabbed my car and headed out to Pittsburgh to join the 7Line Army to watch the Mets. I made it to the hotel about noon and went to go find something to eat. 
Got back to the hotel and I still haven’t slept since 6am Friday morning and finally laid down to get some rest. “Bang Bang Bang”. I am groggy. I start getting out of bed and hear “Bang,BangBang.” “Maintenance” and the door swings open. I yelled at the dude man I was finally able to get to sleep what the hell are you doing? “The room downstairs has water leaking from the kitchen in the room”. You couldn’t wait for me to try to answer the door? I was pissed. The guy legit didn’t give me enough time to get out of bed, throw on shorts and answer the door before he “broke” in. I’m pissed, my wife is pissed so we try to get a new room. Management was nice brought us up keys to a new room and we pack our stuff and go to it. The room smelled like an ash tray. I couldn’t deal with it. My wife decided she’d go down to the front desk and get another room so I didn’t have to deal with anyone. Anger level was rising. 
We got a new room after that and I was able to grab 15 mins of sleep after all of this. Went to the game, enjoyed it even in the crappy loss and I still can’t believe Pillar jumping into the stands trying to grab that Grand Slam. Overall had a great time with friends at the game but sheesh what an adventure.

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