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Friday, July 16, 2021

Citi Field’s Pastrami Sandwich


People ask what to eat at Citi Field when they go to a Mets game. You hear folks say Shake Shack, Blue Smoke, The Pete Alonso burger, Pat LaFrieda’s Steak Sandwich etc, but folks always forget the hidden gem of the ballpark. The Pastrami Sandwich. Whats’s more NY than a pastrami sandwich. It’s a throwback to the days gone by where you would grab this and maybe an egg cream? What’s an egg cream you ask? Google it. I’ll wait. Done? 

Okay good. Back to the Pastrami at Citi Field. I will put the cured beef pastrami meat itself up against Katz and Zabar’s as one of the best tasting pastrami that I have ever had. It’s seasoned and cooked perfectly and is not too lean or has a lot of fat in in and just a great balance to it. The rye bread is is soft and able to handle the amount of pastrami that they put on it. It doesn’t bend under the weight of itself. The mustard is a spicy brown mustard which complements the other two tastes and it just becomes such a perfect food. The sandwich comes with a couple of pickle spears on the side which just add to the taste by adding a little saltiness when you bite into. I really am not doing this sandwich justice. You are going to have to try it yourself. The stand on field level is easily the best of the three places you can get it at the park. Oh and it’s even priced less then if you went to Katz or Zabar’s to get a similar sandwich.

Do yourself a favor next time you are hungry and at Citi Field. Get yourself this pastrami sandwich.


Ryan said...

What section on field level?

Media Goon said...

Sect 126

Unknown said...

Can you buy from vendor outside of Citi Field?

Anonymous said...

The pastrami is tremendous,if I'm not in the mood to go the game,the pastrami convinces me to go

Anonymous said...

I had it at the stand in the Piazza Club. I was so taken back by how good it was. I won't go as far to say it was better than Katz's, but juicy, buttery, and hand carved. Better than most NY and Long Island area kosher delis I have been to

Cleon21 said...

Portion you get in Piazza Club is tremendous!