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Sunday, June 13, 2021

Went to my first big capacity Mets game


Going to the game yesterday was a fun/weird experience. Parked in the Marina lot and was shocked to see that the the Mets actually had parking attendants pushing you to parking spots. It has never been that way before and I was pretty amazed. When I got there it was a pretty smooth situation and I am truly shocked by it after so many years of the traffic patterns and parking lots being screwed up.

Getting into the game was a cinch too. Niko hit me up on Twitter to say that it looked like security was outsourced at the Rotunda. I went into the BP gate and the usual Mets security folks were working it. So maybe they needed extra bodies at the front? I don’t know. The way the new metal detectors work is you take everything out of your pockets and hold them close to you chest as you walk through. Not invasive and doesn’t slow you down. If you have bags they will check them. They also check for your vaccine cards/app before you get to the metal detectors which was pretty fast too. 

Now here was the part that felt weird. In none of the emails or Press Releases that I received did it say that vaccinated folks didn’t have to wear masks at all. But it seems that was the case. You could enter the ballpark and and walk around without a mask on. And that is the weird part. Feeling okay to be able to walk around crowds without a mask on. It felt awesome to be closer to the normal way we were pre-covid. I kind of liked the emptier stadium over the last few months but I’ll learn to deal with having many folks around again. Everyone was in a good mood. Everyone was happy to be at the game. It just felt good.

You know what also felt good? See the Mets win again and against a pretty solid team. 

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