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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Arizona announcer makes a horrible comment about Stroman's headwear.


I am not a huge fan of Marcus Stroman the "baseball player". Marcus Stroman the human I can respect for his beliefs of the real world. Now back to the baseball player. I feel/felt that last season when he opted out due to covid and there were some pictures that showed up with him maybe not social distancing, that irked me. He also ran his mouth about how great he is as a player, yada yada yada. I said I was fine with that as long as he can back it up this season. Well so far he has, so that's a pass with me. Glad he could back up what he's saying. Now as the real life stuff, I don't know him in person and don't know what he has had to have gone through so I have respect for him trying to bring issues to light. 

Bob Brenly it seems just doesn't get it. He might not see as what he said as racist bit it sure as heck came off that way. 


"Not a racist bone in your body". That's interesting.

From the Daily News.

Brenly, who managed in Arizona from 2001-04, has a record of totally unnecessary comments about non-white players. In 2019, he said that “it might be easier to run the bases if he didn’t have that bike chain around his neck,” about Fernando Tatis Jr.


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