Wednesday, June 23, 2021

From the Stretch Super Patty Melt


I tried out The Super Patty Melt from the From the Stretch kiosk last night. From the Stretch makes grilled cheese with tomato soup and also this concoction that shouldn't work but does.

Its a Pat LaFrieda patty with gruyere cheese between two "pinwheel" style slices of bread that are filled with pimento, provolone, and american cheese. The one thing I wish that was on this was some caramelized sweet onions which would have made this burger go over the top in taste.  From the Stretch is located over by where the World's Fare is (World's Fare which usually has sushi, gluten free, and Mama's of Corona but was still closed last night). You should give it a shot next time you are at Citi Field.

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