Friday, June 25, 2021

Steve Cohen tweets about Mets Black Jerseys

Steve Cohen is stirring the pot about bringing back the Black Mets Jerseys. Some fans thinking this tweet means they are coming back tonight while The NY POST is saying that they Mets have to wait on league approval to wear them. The reason the Mets have to wait on league approval is because the jerseys aren't in the style guide for this year so they cannot be in the rotation. However, jerseys can be used as throwback/one off game jerseys that need league permission to be used. Folks are speculating for the 9/11 game that the Mets night wear the black jerseys but I think they might wear the snow whites that they wore when the Mets came back for the first game at Shea after 9/11.

I think this might this tweet is Steve saying that the ASG Jerseys are horrible. What ASG jerseys you ask? Click here.

 All I know is we are one day closer to the black jerseys


From the NY POST

Cohen’s plan is to bring back, on some basis, the alternate black jerseys the Mets first unveiled in the 1990s and stopped wearing in recent years. Last weekend he said MLB still had to approve the black jerseys.

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