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Tuesday, June 1, 2021

My visit to Citi Field on Saturday Night. It was painless.


I had seats with The 7Line on Saturday night which means we were in the vaccinated section. This meant we had to go through the only gate which we were allowed into the Bullpen Gate. Chris BrownThe VP of Guest Experience was outside of the gate helping to direct foot traffic to answer any questions and help with any issues that might be going on with the system of coming into the ballpark. I am going to say this, whenever I see Chris around, I know things are going to run very smoothly. He has always been someone int he Mets organization that cares about the fans and that they have the best experience possible at the game. The fact that a VP is out in crappy weather and is telling folks to make sure you have your tickets out so they can check to make sure it is for the vaccinated sections and to have your proof of vaccination out, and to make the process as easy as possible, shows you that the fan experience means a lot to him.

Going up to the gate there was a temperature screener, then there was someone to check your vaccination status, then you went to the folks with the wristbands to show that you belong to the vaccinated sections was super smooth. Going through security was pretty easy too. The metal detectors they have set up now let you keep your items with you out of your pockets but you don't have to put them into a tray and retrieve them. Then you hit the ticket scanners and you are in. It was pretty painless and quick.

Good job with this Mets.

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