Tuesday, June 15, 2021

MLB to start cracking down on players using foreign substances.


From the NY POST

MLB is finally getting a grip on its sticky situation.

The league is expected to announce Tuesday it will suspend players caught with any foreign substances 10 days with pay, ESPN reported Monday, a measure largely aimed at pitchers who have been accused of doctoring baseballs to improve performance.

In recent weeks, pitchers, including Yankees ace Gerrit Cole, have been accused of using Spider Tack — a heavy adhesive more commonly used by strongmen to hurl Atlas Stones — to increase spin rate. 

While pitchers for decades have used foreign substances, such as sunscreen mixed with rosin to solidify their grip, the league has largely looked the other way because it is so widespread.

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I guess the suspension is more about hurting the teams vs hurting the player's wallets with this suspension for ten days.

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