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Sunday, June 20, 2021



Come hang out before heading in to cheer on our FIRST PLACE METS!

In years past on weekday outings we'd meet up at Mikkeller or McFadden's. Sadly, they're both out of business. 

So even though it's a Tuesday, we're back in the lot! Don't let that stop you from coming down early for some tailgate time before the heading in to the game.

If you're cheering with us, have at some point in the past, plan to in the future, or are just looking for a fun time. COME ON DOWN!

We'll be tailgating in the Marina Lot before heading inside, and we highly encourage you to come hang out. 

The game is at 7:10pm. Things should start up in the lot around 4, but feel free to roll down earlier. 

If you're new to the group you're highly encouraged to come by. DIVE RIGHT IN. Introduce yourself and get the camaraderie started before we get to the seats.

If you're unsure where the Marina Lot is, you can type "Marina East, Corona, NY 11368" in to Google Maps.  

Even if you're not sitting with us, you're welcome to come by. More the merrier, so tell your friends.

If you'd like to bring grills, drinks, and snacks, you're more than welcome to, but please respect the lot and make sure you CLEAN UP after yourselves. 

Also, nobody likes a mooch, so please don't go rummaging through coolers that don't belong to you. If you're feeling generous and you'd like to share, that's totally your call, but come prepared. 

Let's plan to wind-down around 6:15pm to be inside before the National Anthem and first pitch.

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