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Wednesday, January 1, 2020 2019 year in review.

We started off 2019 really well with the 2019 QBC. It was our biggest event so far. There was a great time had by all and it finally felt like QBC was going places. Sports Illustrated and Deadspin came out to cover us, SNY was doing panels, and everyone had a great time. Go to for photos and videos. 

Then we hear that Yahoo wants to start the Queens Baseball Club. Hmmmm. QBC where have we heard that similar name before.
Yahoo Sports and the New York Mets announced the formation of the Queens Baseball Club, a new membership platform for loyal Mets’ fans across the country. The premium Mets’ fan experience will launch on iOS and Android on March 28, and fans can learn more here.
This membership club will immerse fans in an inclusive community where they can unite to discuss their favorite team and build a deeper connection to the team they care about most. Queens Baseball Club will amplify the experience Mets fans can have on game day, throughout the season, and over the course of the offseason by offering members exclusive editorial, community tools, and access to behind the scenes content and experiences like batting practices, press conferences, and front office Q&As. 
“Yahoo Sports always strives to be the ultimate fan experience, and we’re proud to partner with the New York Mets to launch a new membership offering for their fans,” says Geoff Reiss, GM, Yahoo Sports. “Through our college sports subscription service Rivals, we’ve seen a real desire for premium sports content tied to a particular team – but until now, the options for professional teams have been limited. We know how to engage millions of sports fans worldwide, and we’ll use that expertise to build a membership offering that pro sports enthusiasts will love.”
Being that we were Queens Baseball Convention/QBC and have had trademarks pending we had to have a Cease and Desist sent. We tried to work with Yahoo with various ideas on how to proceed with the name and letters but they decided to rebrand. Once the tried to rebrand, MLB stepped in, too much time was wasted, and Yahoo gave up.  If you click here, you'll get to see what I am talking about.

In June we had our Lunch with Keith Hernandez event. It went amazingly well. The Mets sucked for the first half of the year. Got momentum, had the rookie of the year, the NL CY YOUNG Winner, and HR leader all come through for the team. The Mets just fall shy of the playoffs.

I had issues with Mets security on how they treated me and also other fans. You can about that here.

The Mets try to get u to work for free with them on their Fan Fest. You can catch up here.

We announced QBC 2020. We then had to cancel QBC 2020 last month. You can read why here.

Basically it was a crazy 2019. I want 2020 togo a lot smoother and have less craziness. QBC/Blogwise. I want the Mets in the playoffs. and I want each and everyone of you to have a happy and healthy Neay Year.

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