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Sunday, January 26, 2020

@Mets and NYPD parking in Handicap Spots in Lot A during Fan Fest.

I think lot A is supposed to be for workers at Citi Field. The Mets not realizing how many cars 
that were going to end up coming to the Fan Fest(short sighted Mets? Never) decided to throw 
Lot A open to the public at the last minute. The cop cars that were there I guess are stored there
for Citi Field Events and they figured Lot A wasn't going to be used. The mistake was that they 
never should have been put in those spots to begin with. They should have been put in the spots 
next to the disabled parking spots. I was up in the Foxwoods where I saw Valerie( who I never met
before and I just happened to be standing there) lose who cool with the NYPD Sergeant. I get the
frustration how it is to deal with the Mets staff at times. He doesn't have any power to have the 
cars moved because he is there on a paid detail. The folks who should be getting the brunt of it
were the Mets and the local NYPD Precinct who's cars are there. This is the kind of stuff that when 
the Mets do something good, they still make themselves look bad. The Mets need to reevaluate 
where they store the NYPD cars.

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