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Monday, January 20, 2020

The Mets Fan Fest and the search for a new Manager.

I am really not trying to bash the Mets, but I really am curious on how they are going to deal with the zero buzz fanfest this weekend. I know they sold out and I am glad the Mets are finally trying to do something cool for the fans but it doesn't seem like they want to tell the fans what is going on this Saturday for some reason. And the one person that they had definitely said was going to be there is no longer going to be there was Carlos Beltran. Speaking of Beltran, how do you think the Mets handle the questions about that this weekend? I can't see any of this going well for them. I just hope that my fellow fans are treated with respect and the Mets do the right thing by them. I can see this being  fiasco if not handled properly. I myself didn't buy tickets because I wanted more info before I did and just didn't feel personally it was worth while for me to do so. I would have wanted to by for all three sessions and it could have been a big waste for me if all the sessions were the same.

Anyone that reads this going this Saturday? If so, want to be my man/woman on the street and give me the details?

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