Saturday, June 1, 2019

Nelson Figueroa fired by SNY

I met Nelson Figueroa for the first time on the set of Gotham. He came as a guest of David Mazouz(Bruce Wayne) and couldn't have been nicer. Met him a few other times at 7line events and also randomly here and there at other events. I was shocked when he got replaced by Todd Zeile and don't know what to make of this firing.

From the NY Post.
Figueroa was let go Friday morning after he showed up Thursday in what was described by sources as a state not fit to work. Figueroa allegedly demanded to still appear on SNY’s evening program, “Baseball Night in New York,” but was not permitted to appear.
An SNY spokeswoman confirmed that Figueroa is no longer working at the network. She declined to provide further details.
Figueroa, 45, had been a Mets analyst since 2015, when he replaced Bobby Ojeda. Before this season, Figueroa was demoted as the No. 1 studio analyst, replaced by Todd Zeile, on the Mets’ pregame and postgame shows. Figueroa still appeared on the program, but mostly did spots on SNY’s ancillary programming, such as “SportsNite”.
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