Sunday, June 16, 2019

Thanks for coming out to the Lunch with Keith Hernandez

Thanks for coming out folks for Lunch with Keith Hernandez yesterday. From what it seemed it looked like you all had a great time. I as usual am shot. While it was a smaller event then the QBC prime, the QBC family set up everything really quickly yesterday. They are such a well oiled machine at this point that it is almost like a Nascar pit crew. For a change, I even got to set up a table and sell some of my collection. It was weird not having to be so hands on like I am for the main QBC. Thanks again to @SNYtv for the sponsorship and the giveaway and also @MikkellerNYC for hosting us. Also a special thanks to Dennis Holden and John Saponaro for opening up the event with some of their comedy stylings.

Pete McCarthy as usual did an amazing job as the panel host and Keith seemed to have a fun time too. He definitely was ready to relax after the event and I didn't watch the game yesterday but I can imagine that we got "classic" Keith Hernandez by the fifth inning.

I should have video up in a bit. Thanks again to everyone who bought tickets, hosted, volunteered and make this event possible. 

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