Friday, June 14, 2019

Mets Game postponement last night.

Why didn't they just call the game last night. It would have been nice to have gotten a win but no. Everything is Mets luck. I wonder who has worse luck. The Mets or Peter Parker.

From the NY Post
Edwin Diaz imploded for his third blown save this season, allowing two runs in the ninth, but it might have never come to that if the Mets — with Pete Alonso leading the charge — hadn’t lobbied the umpiring crew to continue the game as the tarp was coming onto the field before the start of the inning.
Crew chief Jeff Kellogg gave the order for the grounds crew to reverse course, and after a nine-minute delay in which Diaz largely stood idle, the game resumed.
“The rain started to lighten up a little bit and we said, ‘Go ahead and pull the tarp,’ ” Kellogg said.
And then all hell broke loose for the Mets.
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It's just so Mets.

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