Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Pete Alonso. Real Deal?

As Mets fans, have we finally gotten a player that did well in the minors living up to his potential in the majors? Pete Alonso. The one constant on this team since the beginning of the season. Even when he was "slumping"(for lack of a better word), you still felt a confidence when he came to bat that Pete could possibly make an impact in the score somehow. When was the last time the Mets really had a player that broke into the Major Leagues and just gave fans confidence that something positive might happen during his at bat?

From the NY Post
“I was just trying to make good contact with the ball and get Jeff in,” Alonso said. “We were in a pretty good RBI situation and I was just trying to put the ball in play wherever because he was throwing all his nasty stuff at me and I was able to foul off some of his really tough sliders and thankfully I got a fastball up in the zone and barreled it up really nicely.”
Manager Mickey Callaway added some urban legend to the at-bat, saying Alonso told him he was just trying to foul off the pitch he ultimately crushed for the homer. But Alonso cleared up the matter, saying he was trying to foul off Paxton’s sliders and stay on the fastball.
“They have been attacking [Alonso] underneath the zone and then you elevate one and it was probably up out of the strike zone by a good margin and he put a good swing on it,” Callaway said.
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Just look at that. He is a hitter. Pete is adapting and learning during the game he is playing. This guy if he keeps it up might end up being something really special. That being said, please don't do what Mets fans and Mets media have done in the past and basically anoint him as the chosen one before his time comes. Alonso is a solid player from what we can all see right now. Let's see how he is for the rest of the season and his career.

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