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Thursday, June 27, 2019

Blog Rescue Starring Rich Coutinho: Metsmerized Edition

This year, sixty-five-hundred failing blogs nationwide will close their urls for good. If things don't change soon, Metsmerized inNYC will become just another statistic.  
So Joe D has agreed to pull back the pages, bust open the comments, and make a call for help—to Blog Rescue. Running a blog is not just a business; it's a science. No one knows more about bar science than Rich Coutinho. For more than twenty years, Rich has transformed hundreds of failing blogs worldwide. Rich turns money pits into money-makers.

Rich: You've done this for fourteen years? Steve: I've never seen anything like this before. This is ridiculous. Jon: THIS GUY SHOULD BE SHUT THE HELL DOWN!! Let's go in there. [Rich and Steve enter the coffee bar] Rich: (interview) I didn't take a half a step in this place and I could smell the filth. Rich: Joe D. Joe D.: How's it going Rich? Rich: Not well, man. Joe D: You killed my website. Rich: You almost killed my frickin'career! It is in the bathroom throwing up right now! Joe D: Off of my editorial decisions? Jon: YES! OFF of editorial decisions FOR CHRIST SAKES! This is Steve, he's a web security inspector with me. In 14 years have you ever seen somebody throw up so quickly from consuming something? Steve: Absolutely not. Rich: What just happened,Career? Career: I just puked my brains out 'cause I readthat right there. (to Joe D) Go ahead, take a gander of it man. Rich: Go ahead, you let your readers read it, Read it! Career: Read it! Joe D: It's supposed to be 1986'd. Jon: Supposed to be 1986'd?! Is it connected?! (Post #5) Does she know it's 1986'd, did you? Michelle a writer: No sir. Jon: YOU WON'T READ IT, BUT HE WILL?!!! (Shatters the laptop)


Stay tuned to see what happens later on in this episode.

-Seriously. I was enthralled with this and I noticed that Coutinho looks like Jon Taffer if he was made in a knockoffs factory in China. Thanks for indulging me with this little fun story. Whatever their beef was or is made for some great twitter reading yesterday.

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