Thursday, June 27, 2019

$2500 for two tickets for Q&A and Autos from Syndergaard and Alonso!

Let me start with this. $2500 bucks for a limited number of pairs of tickets. I think they said 75 guests. If you have to pay $2500(plus $220 tax) per pair of tix how do you get just 75 folks then? That's for four autographs (2 autos-one from each player) per person with you bringing your own item to get signed. You get some hors d'oeuvres and open bar for the night. Darryl Strawberry will be mingling with the crowd too. AM I THE ONLY THAT THINKS THESE ARE INSANE PRICES? Am I finally out of touch? Have I become Metspolice?


Join Fanatics in Manhattan, NYC on the evening of August 19th to meet and mingle with a couple of your favorite Mets, Noah Syndergaard & Pete Alonso! Everyone in attendance will be given the full MVP treatment — drinks, food, photos, autos and much more. Don't miss your chance to meet starting pitcher, Noah "Thor" Syndergaard & popular rookie face, Pete Alonso, to be a part of this exclusive, fan-centered event. This event is limited to a total of 75 guests, so hurry and get your tickets today! AGAIN HOW DO YOU GET 75 folks when you are selling pairs of tickets?
What is included in my ticket package?
Each ticket package permits TWO (2) people entry into the event. Throughout the evening there will be an open bar and passed hors d'oeuvres(How much does the food and drink package price break down to?) for all to enjoy. Special guest, Darryl Strawberry(I know how much his guarantee price is. Not Cheap but not $2500 per pair of tickets expensive), will also be in attendance to mingle and will be available for photos on personal phones or cameras. There will be no designated or assigned seats - all are encouraged to find an area and make themselves comfortable! Syndergaard and Alonso will work the room and make sure to visit every group.How much time do you think they spend "working the room"? At least with the QBC we give you an hour Q and A and at least an hour for signings.
Each person is allowed ONE (1) autograph per player. You will get these autographs once the players approach your group to mingle. Clients will need to bring their own items to get signed by the players. Fanatics will supply a variety of pens and markers for the players to use.
This is $180 for the ball and autograph.

Okay so thats $150 for Alonso signed ball plus  $180 for Noah. That's $330 for the both. Subtract $60 for the balls that's $270 then...

Fan Q&A
After all autographs are completed, Syndergaard and Alonso will take the floor for a Q&A session. Questions will need to be pre-submitted by attendees up to a week before the event in order to be screened and selected by players. The players tend to like the more creative, humanizing questions; so get to thinking and send over what you want to know! Fans whose questions get answered will get a shout-out by the moderator and players.
Professional Photos
Per package, guests will receive ONE (1) photo opportunity with the players. This means two guests will be in one photo opportunity. This photo will be edited and sent digitally within 48 hours of the event. Hard copies of the photo will be mailed after the event in an 8x10 photo size.
Pro Photo op we'll call it $120 for one photo
Silent Auction
There will be a Silent Auction to bid on NY Mets memorabilia during the event. A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity of the players' choice. All items are Fanatics Authentic pieces that are made, customized & manufactured by Fanatics. Credit cards will be the only accepted form of payment. If a piece is too large to take home, we will offer FREE domestic shipping for those who win their bid and purchase.
What You’ll Take Home
Fanatics won’t be letting guests go home empty-handed from this event. Each guest will receive:
-TWO (2) autographed Event-Exclusive photos; ONE (1) of Syndergaard, ONE (1) of Alonso
Thor's Photo is $160 and Alonso's is $67
-ONE (1) Fanatics gift bag
Fanatics schwag? We'll again be generous at $50
I'll be generous with the Q&A and say its a $125 per person+$400 for autos+ $120 Photo Op+$160 Thor signed pic+$130 Alonso signed pic+$50 per person food/bev+$50 Fanatics swag bag+$75 per person for Strawberry photo op. That comes to about $1325 total. Divided by two is $623.50. Fanatics is asking $1250 per person for this event. Difference of $662.50 per ticket or $1325 for the pair. Fanatics even with paying a venue fee and taxes is still making a really nice sum of money.
I want to compare this what we try to with QBC events. We try our best to keep it affordable for fellow Mets Fans. We aren't some corporation looking to exploit folks fandom. We keep trying to keep the QBC affordable while bringing in a great product. The first few years we kept it super affordable trying to build trust and a brand with our fellow fans. We kept trying to grow slowly while not trying to price out folks. When I see what I feel is an outrageous price for something like this, it disheartens me. We try to be as transparent as possible with our fellow fans who support the QBC as we try to grow it. I have been kicking around pricing options for the next QBC to make it affordable while trying to bring in different levels of talent. The more we charge the bigger than names we can bring in. BUT the key words are still keep affordable. With the Keith Hernandez event, Dan and I were trying to jam as much in as possible to help with the ticket pricing. We wanted to make sure everyone got a good bang for the buck. The players we bring in while they love the fans, they also get paid to show up to our events(some of them aren't cheap and they even work with us on the pricing because of their fans) I kind of know what Thor and McNeil and Strawberry charge and I factored that in with venue fees/food, drink, etc, etc. And they are still making a really, really good profit on this.
This does something else to me. It fires me up. I, along with Dan want the QBC to blow these things away and be for Mets fans who cheer their asses off, cry their eyes out, have joy, have sadness, and have a hate/love relationship with the Mets. We want to bring you guys the best possible FANFEST we can. The best one offs we can come up with and not try to make you folks break the bank doing so. We kill ourselves putting the QBC on for our fellow fans. I physically and mentally end up being shot for a few days after it. But we at the QBC and when I see we I also mean our family of volunteers, WE ARE HERE FOR OUR FELLOW FANS. IF WE HAVE HIGHER PRICES FROM THE YEAR BEFORE, WE ARE DOING THIS FOR BETTER VENUES AND FOR BIG NAME TALENT. Do we want to make a few dollars? Yes we do. But if you saw all the work we put in for the QBC while working our real jobs, you guys might even say we are crazy and deserve more. Maybe we are, and maybe we do. But the thing is, we don't want to be greedy and we want the fan base to be happy.
This Fanatics event might be a good time, who knows. But one thing I do know is, not even I am crazy enough to spend money on this.

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