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Tuesday, June 18, 2019


You guys collect wrestling action figures? You guys like podcasts about wrestling figures? Then this is the podcast for you.WWE Superstars Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins have a really fun wrestling figure podcast. They talk about what they collected, where they collected, and what fig feds they had.


  • Become an official Major Mark! Get listed as an official Major Mark on our website!
  • Get added to our exclusive/private e-mail list and get weekly e-mails of Matt & Brian’s notes for each episode before the episode airs!
BASIC: $4.99
Everything above plus…
  • Private Facebook group to buy/trade/sell with other Major Marks and…Brian and Matt!
  • Get EARLY and AD FREE access to each week’s regular podcast episode!
ELITE $9.99Everything above plus…
  • Get a weekly private video to Brian and Matt setting up and discussing each episode!
  • Exclusive Breaking News audio updates! If there’s something we feel absolutely cannot wait until the next episode, we will record a breaking news update and send it directly to your feed!
  • NEW SHOW called Let ‘Em Breath! Get a weekly/patreon exclusive mini-podcast where Matt will unbox and review a vintage wrestling figure!
  • 1 BONUS/Patreon exclusive full length podcast episode per month!

You can subscribe here.
I am member of the The Elite level and the amount of stuff they put out is amazing. You never know when they will pop up on the Facebook group to do some exclusive or behind the scenes cool stuff that goes on. I'm listening to the the early pod right now. Besides the Patreon, you guys should also check out their live and in person live shows. I have had a great time at the last two of them.

You can grab your tickets here.

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