Sunday, June 30, 2019

Mayor and Mets mess up.

From the NY Post
Boston Red Sox fan Bill de Blasio stuck his foot in his mouth during the 50th Anniversary celebration of the Mets’ first-ever World Series win in 1969, addressing the crowd at CitiField with the wrong-era slogan. “There’s something about that slogan, ‘Ya Gotta Believe,’ and it was true that year,” de Blasio told attendant “Miracle Mets” team members and their fans. “And ever since, that has been one of the ideas I associate most with that city. Ya Gotta Believe.”

Trouble is, “Ya gotta believe” is the slogan for the 1973 team, not the “Miracle Mets” of 1969 fame.In another cringe-worthy snafu that couldn’t be blamed on Hizzoner, an announcer read aloud from a short, memorial list of 1969 team members who have passed away.

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The dopey Mayor I get messing this up because he messes almost everything  up. But for the Mets to mess it up. Come on, you’ve been planning this for a while.

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