Saturday, October 6, 2018

Yankees Fans vs As Fan (Fans stop acting like this).

I hate fans when you go to a stadium who try to start a fight because you are a fan of the other team. Fans of one team might go to another teams stadium to watch their fav team play. Should they be abused with beer, cups, or garbage benign thrown at them? Hell no. Yankees fans want to know why they have a bad rep. Well it seems that you guys have little pockets of people who think it’s okay to treat other fans like crap. I have some friends who are Yankees fans and they don’t act this way.
This poor guy just wanted to root for his As at a playoff game and he had a beer thrown at him. This is stupid behavior folks. We are watching a game. There are no ramifications like if this was a battle during a war. Stop being jerks people. This goes for any fans of sports. You can tease each other but st the end of the game it’s just a game.
This is just a stupid way to go through life folks. Be good to each other.

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