Thursday, October 25, 2018

MLB Commissioner Manfred said things yesterday.

From the NY Posy
“As Manfred has prioritized pace of play and time of game as one of baseball’s top initiatives, he and many owners have publicly wished to see more balls in play and fewer “three true outcomes” (homers, strikeouts and walks). The Red Sox, who eliminated the Yankees in this year’s American League Division Series, and the Astros, who outlasted the Yankees in last year’s AL Championship Series, both have developed more balanced offensive attacks than that of the Yankees, who set a single-season record in 2018 with 267 homers, but also struck out 1,421 times, third most in the AL.

Speaking of time of game, the average regular-season, nine-inning game this year lasted 3:00:44, a healthy drop from last year’s all-time high of 3:05:11. In the postseason, however, nine-inning contests have lasted more than three hours and 36 minutes, after last year’s 3:29:28, as per Major League Baseball.”
MG- How to pick up pace of play during a game. Hmmmm. I think we covered when switching out pitchers the new pitcher coming in doesn’t need 8 pitches to “warm up” he’s been throwing in the bullpen already. Don’t let the batter step out of box more then two times during an at bat. Oh and really enforce that pitch clock!

“Sign-stealing in and of itself is not a violation of our rules,” Manfred said. “It’s been a part of our game since Lassie was a puppy. Where it becomes a problem is where there’s a use of technology that otherwise violates our rules to aid the sign-stealing process. I think technology is evolving at a rate that it is incumbent upon us to constantly review and update our rules. … We’ll probably have some changes for next year.”
MG- Don’t want sign stealing? Hide your signs better!
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