Sunday, October 28, 2018

More Mets GM Thoughts

From the NY Post
Does he think the Mets paid the right amount for Cespedes or Frazier or Vargas? Too little? Too much?

Keep in mind that while spending in free agency, the Mets still did not take their overall payroll to an area befitting a major market. Does Van Wagenen believe that this is an area in which the Wilpons are being negligent and does he have the honeymoon goodwill and Wilpon whispering skills to influence a larger outlay?

Remember, also that in the off-day before the All-Star Game, Van Wagenen took the news cycle hostage by saying the Mets should either sign another of his clients, Jacob deGrom, long term or trade him. That felt like a leverage play. The Mets had to do nothing at the time. DeGrom was not a free agent until after 2020. They could play out 2018 with deGrom in what turned out to be a historic season and leave it to their next GM to decide what to do.

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I dunno but I see conflict of interest left and right here. His former clients are either going to be pissed that he dropped them and maybe ask for trades and not to be on the team or maybe his buddies at CAA are going to make a lot of money off their commissions because of him. Does he get the Wilpons to spend or does he spend the Wilpon’s money wisely?

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